Griffins Event Services

Black Small Lincoln Limo

Seats up to 6

​The interior features beautiful black leather seating, two bars, flat screen monitor with DVD player, sound system, privacy divider, moon roof, and upgraded climate system. These smaller stretches are the most economical limousine option available.

Chrysler 300 Limo 

Seats 10-12 Passengers

Chrysler 300 limo comes equipped with:
-all leather interior
-2 crystal bars
-mood lighting

Black Lincoln Limo

Seats up to 10

stretched Lincoln sedan limo is fitted with:
-a leather interior
-crystal bars
-mood lighting

Ford Excursion Limousine 

Seats 14-16 Passengers

Excursion limo boasts:
-a CD system
-with 6 booming 12 inch sub woofers providing superior surround sound
-2 crystal bars with glasses & flutes
-12 inch flat screen TV accompanied by
-state of the art DVD player

-multicolored fiber optic lighting to set the mood

Cadillac XTS Limo

Seats 12 Passengers

BRAND NEW 2015, 12-passenger, Cadillac XTS Limo, with a 5th Door.
It comes with:
-a leather interior
-crystal bars
-mood lighting


Lincoln Navigator Limousine

Seats 14 to 16 Passengers

The limo features 3 flat screen tv’s, seat back bars, awesome stereo, DVD player, auxiliary cord and many color schemes.